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1 2 3   4  
6 7              
10   11            
  12     13    
16             17   18  

3.Military alliance of European countries and the US
5.“Game of _______”
7.“Arab Spring” started from this country
9.Ex Parent Company of Dalda
10.Name of Dalda's premier recipe book
12.The under-construction mega dam in Gilgit-Baltistan
15.DFL's brand for consumers who are reluctant to shift to cooking oil from desi ghee.
16.The center of Turkey’s current anti-govt protests is _______ Square
17.Winner of Academy Award for Best Movie in 2013
1.A pilot-less plane used to conduct military missions
2.Founder of Wikileaks
3.Member of this party is the Chief Minister of Balochistan
4.This Dalda brand means 'to fry' in English
6."Jahan Mamta Wahan ______"
8.Rich entrepreneur cum super hero from the famous comics who wears a metal suit
11.“Black Gold”
12.Country to hold the next FIFA World Cup
13.Civil war in this country is a point of contention between the Western and Eastern powers
14.Eight-time French Open champion
18.This has been increased from 16 to 17% in 2013-14 budget

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