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chem review

shirley santiago & jeremy dunajski

This puzzle is to help us review for a chemistry fianl.

1 2 3
5               6              
7   8    
  10       11                            
12                                     13    
14   15                                
17                         18    
    19   20                  
  21       22          
23                     24          

4.gas pressure constant
5.The smallest particle of an element or compound capable of a stable, independent existence.
6.the temperature scale in wich the freezing point is 0 degrees
11.The hydroxide cation (OH-) and the phosphate cation (PO43-)
12.three gas laws combined in one equation
14.Description of a chemical reaction by placing the formulas of the reactants on the left and the formulas of products on the right of an arrow
17.Many representative elements attain at least a share of eight electrons in their valence shells when they form molecular or ionic compounds; there are some limitations.
19.the measure of force applied by another substance (such as a gas)
22.summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing.
23.the amount of (molole)of gas
24.this element is used for decomposition
2.Specific distribution of electrons in atomic orbitals of atoms or ions
3.to make greater
7.is a chemical compound in which ions are held together in a lattice structure
8.What did we use to messure the volume?
9.constant temperature
13.designated s, p, d or f.
15.a subtance whose aqueaous solutions conduct electricity
16.to make smaller
18.a binary compound of oxygen
20.the capacity or transfer of heat

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