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Veterinary Hematology

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3.Liquid portion of the blood with particulates suspended
7.Complete Blood count
9.Prevents clotting
13.Used to identify cells and recognize morphology
14.Associated with allergies and parasitism
17.Ingestion of particulate material- cell fragments, microorganisms
19.Lysis of the RBCs
22.Percentage of whole blood
23.Liquid portion of the blood with particulates seperated
24.Reduction below normal red blood cells
1.Preferred site for blood collection
2.Separator gel
3.Blood that is circulating
4.White blood cells
6.Most common leukocyte in peripheral blood
8.Contains WBC and Platelets
10.Yellow appearance of the plasma
11.Red Blood Cells
12.Study of Blood
15.the largest leukocyte peripheral blood
16.Chemistry Test
18.Disruption of the integrity of the red cell membrane
20.Lipids in the plasma
21.Purple top

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