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Exercise Physiology 6.01

Carl Paton

History of Physiology Puzzle

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3.Athletes with the highest recorded Maximum oxygen consumption
6.What does “L” stand for in the abbreviation LT in the endurance performance model
7.A term used to describe the relationship between energy input and work output during exercise
9.A USA University famous for studying human physiology and fatigue
10.The surname of the underwater Dutchman
11.You sometimes have to climb these and also surname of a noble prize winning physiologist
12.A European country notable for its contribution to exercise physiology
1.EIT has 2 of these ergometers invented by Swedish physiologist Per Astrand
2.What happens to you if your French and too smart
4.The most important quantitative function of the heart (abbreviation)
5.Surname of the man who coined the term “anaerobic threshold”
8.A contemporary American exercise physiologist who studied marathon running
9.Highly regarded NZ sport scientist and statistician and my PhD supervisor (and one of Olivia’s too)

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