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Chapter 12 Illicit Drug Use, Misuse, and Abuse Crossword

Group 6

  2         3         4
  7             8                
11               12               13
14 15                  

2.Distinguished by obsession or excessive preoccupation with the behavior and the overwhelming need to perform it
5.Used in medicine as sedatives and hypnotics
6.Three words and is a scapegoat who always finds trouble or causes problems
7.Two words and is a child that takes responsibility for the younger siblings
9.Used clinically in the treatment of narcolepsy, hyperkinesia, and for blood pressure maintenance in hypotensive states
10.Three words and the inability to predict whether any isolated occurrence of the behavior will be healthy or damaging
11.A caring person who makes light of situations to make others feel better
12.Form of a narcotic, hallucinogen, and a mind-altering drug that affects each user differently
15.The continued use of a chemical or behavior despite negative consequences
16.Two words and the third stage to take place in an addiction in which the addicts' life literally starts to break down under the tremendous stress, pain, and fear that is a consequence of his or her behavior
17.A white, crystalline, bitter alkaloid
1.Stimulates the central nervous system
2.An alkaloid substance found in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate, as well as some prescription drugs and medications
3.Two words and the second stage to take place in an addiction in which the addicts start to arrange their lives and relationships using addictive logic
4.Two words and physical damage, legal trouble, financial problems, academic failure, and family dissolution, which do not occur with healthy involvement in any behavior
8.Two words and the first stage to take place in an addiction in which the addicts' personality will alter permanently
13.An adult that avoids situations where they need to take control
14.The inability to perceive the self-destructive nature of the addiction

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