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Final Exam Vocabulary Review

"Hugo" & "Sword in the Stone"

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5.As the ____ of Pizza Hut, I get to eat free pizza whenever I want!
8.The ____ student loves taking apart car engines to see how they are made.
9.Even though the whole theater screaming, the movie's hero didn't see the villain ___ over his shoulder.
14.Convinced that her ___ is to be a movie star, she's decided to move to Hollywood.
15.Real life is so dull compared to the ___ world of Harry Potter.
16.A(n) ____ is a boy who learns from and helps a knight.
17.The wizard was able to ____ a magic cloak out of thin air.
1.After having been told by the teacher three times to come in, the boys ____ ended their soccer game.
2.As an ___ to a teacher, I didn't make any money, but I learned how I wanted to run my own classroom.
3.Even though the prince is the rightful ___ to the throne, his subjects do not think he will be a good king.
4.The teacher needs a(n) ____ computer so that she can carry it to different classrooms.
6.The student tried to ___ text her best friend in class, but was unsuccessful as she forgot to put her cellphone on vibrate.
7.A hurricane can ____ an entire town.
10.Albert Einstein is considered a ___ of modern physics.
11.I have no control over whether we go to school on the weekends; I am just a ____ teacher.
12.Even though the old house has been scrubbed from top to bottom, we can't seem to get rid of the ____ smell.
13.The knight could ____ a sword better than anyone else in the kingdom.

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