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1 2 3
  4 5                  
    6 7         8 9
10                       11          
12 13                            
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19   20       21      
  23 24                   25        
    27   28            

5.A biography of Akbar written by Abul Fazi
7.founder of mughal dynasty in india
10.The real name of Nur Jahan
11.A moslem house of worhip
13.Akbar built a new capital city near agra
14.he was the famous musician of Akbar's court
16.he ordered the execution of Guru Arjun dev
17.the persian invader who carried the peacock throne in 1739
18.Rebellious son of sahajahan
20.central feature of the Taj Mahal gardens
24.Stone inlay technique used on Taj Mahal
25.A tax paid by non-muslims under mughals
26.He was the rebellious son of Jahangir
28.In which battle Babur and ibrahim lodhi fought
29.hall of public audience
30.city where taj mahal was built
1.portion of mumtaz mahal's name prior to marriage which means lady
2.last mughal emperor
3.ancestor of Babur also known as
4.he was popularly known as the engineer king
6.biography of shahjahan
8.the mughal period under shahjahan is described as
9.first capital of mughal empire
12.he built agra fort
15.animal after which babur was named
19.Akbar married a rajput princess named
21.Said to be most perfect building in the world
22.The religion advocated by Akbar based on the ideology of divine faith
23.he assumed the title of Bahadur shah 1
27.he was a witty & intelligent courtier who was also in charge of justice

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