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Massage in the Spa setting

Steven Tessmer

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2.russian style communal steam bath
5.focused on a series of points along energy pathways or meridians, japanese method
6.utilizes warm basalt rocks, heated and applied in a variety of different methods. (ie., La Stone method)
10.spas that are part of a larger physical fitness facility
12.spa that guests visit for a few hours of the day. no overnight accomodations
15.shower stall with multiple shower heads aimed at client from all sides and above
18.spas located at the source of an actual source of mineral springs
20.modality of massage referring to a wide range of techniques, including connective tissue, neuronuscular, trigger point, etc.
21.massage treating bones and membranes surrounding brain and spinal cord to free flow of cerebral spinal fluid
22.light, rhythmical strokes to stimulate circulation of lymph through the body
23.any spa treatment where the purpose is to cleanse body of dead skin cells, softening the skin
24.combination of paraffin wax and fango mud used in spa wraps to soften, moisten and purify skin while warming and relaxing muscles
25.ancient system of indian medicine and healing
26.culture that used sweat lodges or kivas, pouring water over hot stones in small enclosures
1.specially constructed waterproof massage table with built in drainage
3.organization that creates standards and charts directions for the development of the spa industry
4.multihead inline shower extending over a treatment table under which clients recieve spa services on a wet table
6.turkish steam bath with elaborate cleansing, exfoliation and massage rituals passed down for centuries
7.a uniform mixture of two or more fluids
8.refers to use of essential oils full strength on the skin
9.spas that offer overnight accomodations and cater specifically to spa guests
11.spa facilities located within a larger structure. May be the main feature or an amenity for guests
13.use of essential oils to affect mood, health and well being
14.japanese hot springs at the site of natural volcanic springwater, usually with massage and other therapies available
16.industries that rely especially on customer service for their success
17.health through water
19.area of the upper chest above the breasts and onto the front of the neck

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