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Internet Reference Shelf


Used for teacher search resources.

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5.A website where you can click on regions of the world map to get weather for a particular continent.
6.A website to search for law firms or attorneys in 164 countries
9.A website used as a useful resource to search statistics.
10.A website associated with the U.S. Postal Service and can give you ZIP Codes if you have the street adress
11.This website provides information on 12 million companies.
1.A website used to reference over 57,000 topics from history. Also comes in book form with multiple books.
2.A website used to look up definitions of words.
3.A website that allows you to search by the name of institutions, by tuition, GPA, class size, etc.
4.A website with detailed stock quotes, financial news, company backgrounds, currency converter, and financial tools.
7.This website lists millions of titles for sale and offers good discounts on new and used books.
8.The offical Internet gateway to U.S. Government resources.

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