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Muscle Unit Crossword

Kahlila Muller

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4                                         5  
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1.A muscle that acts in opposition towards agonist
4.Breakdown of glucose to create ATP and lactic acid. Does not require O2.
6.Muscle's ability to shorten with force.
8.Muscles that hold a bone in place.
9.Fatigue where individual percieves that muscle contraction is impossible, but muscles still are psychically able to.
13.A motor neuron and the associated skeletal muscle fibers.
17.Muscles locate entirely in tongue.
22.Breakdown of glucose to create ATP, CO2, and H20. Requires O2
23.A muscle that accomplishes a certain movement.
24.Time between stimulus application and start of contraction.
25.Muscle's ability to respond to stimulus.
26.Temporarily stores oxygen in muscle cell.
2.Mysoin myofilaments and actin myofilaments sliding past each other during contraction.
3.Nerve cells that action potentials travel along.
5.Spastic and painful contraction usually the result of muscle irritation.
7.Contraction without a relaxation phase.
10.Time of contraction.
11.Stiffening of muscles due to lack of ATP.
12.Muscle's ability to recoil after being stretched.
14.Time of contraction during which muscle relaxes.
15.Contraction of muscle fiber as a response to a stimulus.
16.When ATP is used during contraction faster than it can be produced.
18.Part of muscle that attaches to bone and goes through greatest amount of movement
19.Muscle's ability to stretch.
20.Where heads of myosin myofilaments attach to actin myofilaments.
21.Protein fibers that form an attachment site for actin myofilaments.

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