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Sociology of the family puzzle

Paul Taylor

Easy puzzle on key terms for the Sociology of the Family (GCSE level)

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    8       9

1.Another word for step-family
10.A family with relatives beyond the nuclear family, usually three generations
11.Traditionally this gender were the main breadwinners in most UK families
12.The process by which we learn norms and values
2.A legally recognised relationship between two people of the same sex
3.A rule or expected pattern of behaviour in society
4.The gender which carries out the majority of domestic work on most families
5.Family of mother, father and at least one child
6.A family where the children have left home and only the parents are left
7.The function of the family which involves creating the next generation of society
8.A function of the family which involves making sure that its members have food, clothing and other things they need
9.Word meaning a purpose or reason for the families existence

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