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Basic understanding of concept for Xth level.

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2.When reistance in a circuit is doubled, current in the circuit becomes ______
6.The units of Joule/Coulomb is the same as ___________
8.Coils of electric toasters and electric irons are made up of
10.Resistance is directly proportional to
11.Resistivity of a material is measured in ___________ (2 Words)
12.Elements of electric heaters are made from this alloy
15.Device that helps to maintain a potential difference across a conductor
18.What remain same across each resistor when several resistors are connected in parallel
19.What determines the rate at which energy is delivered by a current (2 Words)
20.A negatively charged body has _________ potential
1.A voltmeter is connected in ----------
3.Fuse wire has ______ melting point
4.What happens to the resistance of a conductor when its length is reduced to half
5.Unit of measurement of charge
7.Alloy used in the filament of electric bulbs
9.Resistance of a conductor of unit length and and unit area of cross section is called its ______
13.Particles responsible for the flow of current in conductors
14.Resistance of a conductor _________ with increase in temperature
16.If bulbs of different wattages are joined in parallel, then _________wattage bulb glows with maximum brightness
17.When conductors are connected in series _________remains the same in each conductor

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