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Waves & Optics Unit - Sc8


BC Science 8 Waves & Optics Unit based on BC Science 10 textbook Chapters 4 through 6

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1.has components such as radio, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma....
4.coloured circle of muscle around pupil
6.(2 wds) distance from center of optical item to common convergence/divergence point
8.means "to make an image clear" by adusting the screen to lens distance
12.tough, white protective eye layer that keeps eye contents together
13.means "bends outward" for mirrors and lenses
14.very skinny part of the electromagnetic spectrum
15.name for a line drawn at ninety degrees to a boundary or barrier
17.distance from crest tip to the next crest tip on a waveform
20.describes image when inside focal point of a concave mirror...it is always___
21.media that allows most of the light to pass through is called this
24.unit of frequency
25.this changes shape in response to eye muscle action
26.typically uses an eyepiece and optical lens to enlarge a specimen
28.maximum height of a wave measured directly from the rest position
32.light first encounters this transparent layer of the eye
33.means "bends inward" for mirrors and lenses
34.media that absorbs or reflects all of the light that lands on it is called this
35.the angle of reflection is equal to this
36.lowest form on a transverse wave
2.describes light rays that travel towards a common point
3.item which separates light into component colours
5.result when object absorbs all wavelengths of visible light
7.media that allows only some of the light to pass through is called this
9.highest form on a transverse wave
10.describes light rays that travel away from a common point
11.type of telescope that only uses lenses
16.the change in direction of light due to a change in media
18.this is high for very short wavelengths
19.light wavelengths that bounce back to give object its colour do this
20.higher amplitude waves carry more of this
22.result when all colours of light are combined
23.waves used to heat up left-over turkey soup
27.true for all plane image mirrors...they are always ___
29.water waves need this but light waves do not
30.characteristic of all convex mirror images
31.layer at back of eye that contains light sensitive parts

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