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My first crossword

Reuben Bosworth

It is about school items and this is my very first one so good luck and thanks.

1 2
4 5              
7             8
9           10    
12       13 14        

5.It is big and square and gives you lots of information
7.Keeps you warm in the cold mornings
9.They go n the side of buildings
11.Big and smooth
12.You can sit down on it
15.Used to recognise children from this school
16.Square shaped and tough
17.Long and used for measuring
1.It has words in it
2.You can write on it
3.It can hold many small items
4.They give off light
6.They are quite old and sometimes bossy
8.Noisy and sometimes annoying
10.Long and pointy
13.Another word for it is an eraser
14.Can let in cool air when opened

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