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Global Recordings

Dave Hughes

Learn about Global Recordings with this fun puzzle.

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1.The language one learns to speak at home and which is most powerful for changing a persons world view is referred to as their _____ language
4.... with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and _________ and people and nation. NIV (Rev 5:9)
8.The most linguistically diverse country in the world (most languages per head of population) (3 Words)
13.An ethnolinguistic group with a common self-identity (2 Words)
14.Which languages does GRN want to get the good news of Jesus into
15.Therefore go and make disciples of all _______ NIV (Matthew 28:19)
17.GRN has made recordings in more than this many languages (2 Words)
18.The full Bible has been translated into less than this many languages (2 Words)
1.Faith comes from _________ the message NIV (Romans 10:17)
2.A people group where there is no church planting methodology consistent with Evangelical faith and practice under way.
3.The name of GRN's monthly prayer calendar
5.The word GRN uses for sponsoring and praying for a recording for a people group
6.There are more than this many spoken languages in the world (2 Words)
7.Those who prefer to hear rather than read (2 Words)
9.Jesus and GRN both communicate much of their teaching in this format
10.Many churches in the Pacific Islands need recordings to provide teaching and avoid mixing Christianity with traditional __________ beliefs
11.there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, _____ , people and language NIV (Rev 7:9)
12.A people group is where the number of Evangelical Christians is less than 2% of its population
16.The religion of around 90% of people in Nepal

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