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Fluids & Dynamics Unit - Sc 8


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1.Change in state for liquid when enough energy is removed
5.Word referring to a method used to find volume for irregular objects
7.State of matter where particles can NOT slide past
10.Millilitres of a substance with density 1.5 g/mL and mass 6 g
13.Change in state for liquid when enough energy is added
14.Describes how similiar particles of a fluid hold onto each other
15.Force pulls objects together because of their mass
16.(2 wds ) This is zero if forces on the SAME OBJECT are balanced
18.The movement of thermal energy due to hotter less dense material within cooler more dense material
20.Pressure unit
22.More viscous fluids are commonly said to be ______________
24.(2 wds) value for air pressure at sea level
25.Change in state directly from solid to gas
27.Denser state of matter where partlcles CAN slide past
28.Particles in any state have this motion
31.Unit commonly used for force
33.Amount of material that makes up an object
34.Word describing an increase in volume perhaps due to a temperature rise
2.(3 wds) Equivalent volume unit to one millilitre
3.Lower density partlcles/objects will do this when put in higher density fluids
4.Force that gravity exerts on a mass
6.Objects that have negative ______________ will sink
8.Force per unit area
9.Describes how fluid particles hold onto those of a different substance
11.Word describing a decrease in volume
12.Other group of forces that are not action-at-a-distance forces
17.Force that slows down, stops, or prevents motion due to rubbing particles
19.Describes a fluids RESISTANCE to flowing (sliding past)
21.Amount of space that material takes up
23.Quantity that considers mass and volume...needed to decide on buoyancy
26.The forces on objects wihich float or sink must be _____________
29.Quantity measured in square centimeters
30.Change in state when enough energy is added to a solid
32.Force which pulls particles apart in opposite directions

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