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1 2
3           4 5 6 7      
  8 9 10                     11  
13           14          
16   17        
  18                 19      
  20       21    
24                       25            

3.When you buy on the Internet, you buy...
7.Synonym of "store"
10."street floor", "ground floor". Floor before the 2nd floor
12.a passageway separating areas in a theatre, church, etc.
13.What can you use to go up in a building?
15.store when you can find fruit, bread, soups, coal, soft drinks, etc.
18.a price for some article or service; cost
20.when you give money to someone and someone gives something to you
22.to divide (something complete or perfect)
24.a journey on horseback
25.A place where you pay to get your clothes washed
28.something built with a roof and walls, such as a house or factory
1.to govern or have authority over other people
2.a shop that has long opening hours, and is conveniently situated
4.The person who receives every thing a dead people possessed
5.Expulsion of the foetus before it is ready
6.A box made of wood
8.an underground floor of a building or house
9.A type of Credit Card
11.a person who buys
14.When something is 20% cheaper, it's 20% ...
16.Where can you buy meat at?
17.a female servant
19.To conduct oneself properly or as desired
20.Where can you buy bread at?
21.going out to buy things
23.If you buy in cash, you often get
26.a set of rooms comprising a residence entirely on one floor of a building

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