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Space Technology Vocabulary

Kassidy Wood

Instructions: Create a crossword puzzle with the vocabulary from this lesson. You may use glossary words and other words related to space technologies. Your puzzle must have a minimum of 10 words that relate directly to the key ideas of this lesson. The clues that you provide for your words must be accurate and descriptive.

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6             7          

1.Used to explore and examine space (plural)
4.Power or strength exerted upon an object
5.Man made; orbits in space, used to view star, planets, etc (plural)
6.An orbiting man made structure (two words)
8.National Aeronautics and Space Administration (acronym)
10.Used to propel capsules into space (plural)
12.A proposed structure designed to transport material from a celestial body's surface into space
2.The range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends
3.A space exploration vehicle designed to move across the surface of a planet or other celestial body (plural)
7.To alter the environment of (a celestial body) in order to make capable of supporting terrestrial life forms
9.An optical or non-optical device used for making distant objects appear larger (plural)
11.Newtons first law: An object in motion must stay in motion unless acted upon by another force

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