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Lecture Chapter's 1 and 2

Terre Griffin

Word Puzzle

1                   2         3 4
6                         7    
  13                             14    
15         16  
      20         21              
    23     24                  
27                       28        

1.the main drive mounted inside the computer.
5.a series of characters that identify the user's ID.
6.Apple supply what files in their online store to the public.
9.Establish internet and e-mail service in 1995 for commercial use.
10.Is used in digital music technology and in voice communication.
13.Any conponents not housed in a system unit.
17.It uses a motom, cable, satelite, and a telephone line.
18.Citizens of free societies has an expectation of this.
19.It outputs audio speech, digital sound, digital music, and system sounds.
20.It contains text, numbers, graphics, sound, and videoe.
24.A device that attaches to the system unit in order to type.
25.Linked by wired or wireless technoligy to share data and resources
26.A number of byts that are manypulated at one time.
27.differenciate between upper Ks and lower Ks.
28.The worlds's largest chip maker.
29.refers to the size and dementions of a conponent.
2.Used in the 1950s to break codes and calculating missal projectories.
3.It refers to symblos that represent people, events , ideas, and things.
4.These devices are installed on personal computers to triggor an alarm.
7.A micro processor with a liminited instructional set of simple computer technology.
8.An input device used to manypulate graphical objects and controls.
11.They are usually small, large, portible, or stationed on a desk.
12.computer screens or monitors.
14.A micro processor with a complex instructional cset of computer technology.
15.This country has the most strict internet sensorship in the world
16.Can be easily stored and transmitted such as exray photos
18.It is an output device that produces generated text and graphical images on paper.
21.It can be control by different levels compared to the on and off swithch..
22.started out as a military project
23.converts all the statements in a program in a single batch.

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