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Crosswind Crossword

Layne Lisser

An aviation oriented puzzle aimed at SOPA (Salinas Owners Pilots Association) members, for their July newsletter.

1 2 3   4     5
  6 7      
      8         9            
14 15        
16   17           18 19  
20                 21     22     23
28           29                        
30                           31 32
33       34      
35                     36   37    
    38     39                
40           41          
      42       43       44      
45                 46      
    47           48        
50       51   52              

3.where you might find green at KSNS
8.popular type of airplane, usually but not always a tailwheel
10.pilots always need this flying, but rarely get with their thumb
11.term used both in aviation and Realty
13.something a pilot might do without a gun
18.Something rescuers need to know, and a pilot never wants
20.What pilots like during, but never at the beginning or end of a flight
22.DA changes 120' for every _ degree of Celsisus variation from standard
25.Pilot parking and refueling at KSNS
26.where you are in the pattern before Final
27.often said to be a pilot's best friend
28.what a pilot uses flying when he's dirty
29.conventional land geared plane
30.basics of flying
34.how to land on 26 when you're in a hurry for the south side
35.Pilots do this for permission, game to hide
38.you should never pass this
39.where a migrant might park
40.Airport building that sounds like Paul Bunyan's home town
42.takes longer to read at the meetings than the name implies
44.not to be confused with a tasty Filipino soup
45.Type of landing often done on Tenant's Day
46.how you would fly in my Eagle
47.Where the rubber meets the road, so-to-speak
49.so important, that you are told when you do it correctly
50.You can fly with one, or follow one
52.Something pilots should do before a flight, but not necessarily quickly
53.Jet West flatulence
1.Pilots do often and sometimes take
2.something you will get, and might say, if you fly in my Eagle
4.what PPM might sing at Tenant's Day
5.an instrument part that sounds like an old lantern
6.gives you gas without eating
7.a name we are proud to be considered
8.common to both planes and high rise hotels
9.not good for small countries or runways
12.type of cloth; did not originate in Ohio
14.the slower of the longer legs in the pattern
15.local flying savior
16.causes more than 3 accidents per week according to NTSB
17.can cause problems if it happens in your gas tank
19.yelled by pilots so there wouldn't be any
21.color of land at night
23.you often stay in this to practice
24.a prophetic name flying around Salinas
31.what pilots lost most often before a fatal crash; NTSB
32.you really need to know this when you fly aerobatics
33.not flown in the TV show of the same name
35.a "merry" thing pilots sometimes do
36.we often compare the standard form of this well known David Bowie hit
37.how you might acknowledge a common request from ATC; old cameras used them
41.GCA leader
42.common weekend flight at Slainas
43.best finger to use for measuring distance on a sectional according to Pilot's Rules of Thumb
45.What our President does above the rest
48.You must always use this above 18,000 feet
51.up to the minute info

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