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Fifth Form Biology Crossword


1 2
3 4                      
  5                   6  
  7 8   9        
10                 11                   12  
13           14   15       16
  17               18                          
19     20             21   22      
27             28             29            
31                 32     33                    
35                             36       37      
            39   40
41                         42                      
43                 44   45            
  48                   49     50    
52                   53                      

4.Energy loss between producer and primary consumer (11)
5.Burning (10)
9.Thread-like structure in fungal mycelium (5)
10.How close to the truth a measurement is (8)
11.Scientific prediction (10)
13.Made from the glucose produced in photosynthesis (6)
17.Tweezers (7)
18.The ratio between the image size of an object and its actual size (13)
19.Turns cloudy in the presence of carbon dioxide (4, 5)
23.Muscles between ribs (11)
25.Characteristic of animals and plants (13)
27.A group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring (7)
28.A variable whose values are selected by the experimenter (11)
31.Factors that have not been controlled or not taken into account in the design of the procedure (11)
33.When other scientists who work in the same field judge a new scientific claim (4, 6)
35.Organelle found in guard cells (11)
36.Organelle found in all protoctists (7)
41.Contract to constrict the airways to control the flow of air to the alveoli (6, 6)
42.Breathing out (10)
43.Lens on microscope (9)
45.Greenhouse gas (7)
46.Sampling area of known size (7)
47.Contest between organisms for a resource (11)
48.Net movement of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration (9)
49.A molecule that can diffuse freely across membranes (6)
52.When an animal cell burst because the plasma membrane cannot withstand the high pressure of water in the cytoplasm (10)
53.Leaf with green and white areas (10)
54.Animal that can have fertile hybrids produced from reproduction between different species (4)
55.Colour of HCIS with high carbon dioxide concentration (6)
1.The component of a system or reaction that is in ‘shortest supply’ (8, 6)
2.Pore in epidermis of leaf (5)
3.Pyramid that shows the dry mass of each organism in a food chain or web (7)
6.Pigment to absorb light (11)
7.How exact a measurement is (9)
8.Prevents water loss from leaf (7)
12.Completely removing a variable to determine its effect on the dependent variable (7)
14.Absorbs carbon dioxide in spirometer (4, 4)
15.Negative result of starch test (5)
16.Ensuring the identity (names, photographs, etc.) of participants is not reported in a written study (15)
20.Reduced surface area of lungs caused by damage from white blood cells (9)
21.Secrete mucus (6, 5)
22.Component of blood that transports carbon dioxide (6)
24.Numerical (12)
26.Movement energy (7)
29.An organism that obtains its food by breaking down dead organisms (10)
30.Line taken along across a habitat (8)
32.Mineral ion required for making amino acids (7)
34.The position in a food chain at which an organism feeds (7, 5)
37.Genus of pondweed used in photosynthesis experiments (6)
38.Frozen soil that contains water and stored methane (10)
39.The populations of all species found in an ecosystem at a given time (9)
40.Equipment used to measure small volumes (7)
44.The place where a specific organism lives (7)
50.Taxon (5)
51.Series of questions to identify an organism (3)

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