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Plate Tectonics Unit Xwd


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1.Location below the surface...rocks first break here to cause an earthquake
6.Fastest & least damaging of the wave types emitted by an earthquake...WARNING waves
7.(2 wds) Enormous movable slabs of earth's crust
9.The thickness of this supports the idea that older rock is further from ocean ridges
10.Word meaning "to move apart"
12.An oceanic plate often does this when it converges with a continental plate
15.Patterned evidence left by ancient glaciers...like temnant rock markings
18.(2 wds) Earth layer...solid iron and nickel
20.Word describing earth crust plus uppermost mantle
25.These often form at continental-continental convergent boundaries
26.This damaging wave-type arrives later than the fastest one...moves crustal matter transversely to the wave direction
27.(2 wds) An early theory lacking explanation for why large masses of earth's crust moved
28.Word meaning "pertaining to, the nature of, or caused by a ground-shake
2.Name for largest volcano type
3.These continental landforms result from lower-density re-melted oceanic plate material that break through fractures in continental crust
4.Type of plate boundary where plates move opposite directions to each other
5.Supercontinent name meaning "all earth"
8.(2 wds) Name for diverging plate boundary
11.Name for convergent-boundary steep-sided ash-lava volcano type
13.(2 wds) Alternating segments of _______________ show symmetric patterns either side of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
14.the slow-moving L-waves have a _______ motion, unlike the P- or S-waves
16.Piece of upper mantle...partly molten
17.(2 wds) Earth layer...below the mantle & 2300 km thick
19.Location ON the surface directly above the place where rocks initially break to cause an earthquake
21.New _________ is created at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge...this ocean is getting bigger!
22.(2 wds) Mid-plate locations that are sited over thermally-intense convection-driven mantle-based molten rock
23.Earth layer...thickest one & liquid
24.Name for sub-terranean molten rock

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