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MS 100 Words 1-25


1 2
  3 4  
5               6 7          
9                     10
      11         12
    15   16                
      18     19            

5.slightly salty
7.causing gloom or depression; dreary
9.easily seen; obvious
11.self-confidence, especially in a difficult situation; poise, assurace
14.anxious or fearful; uneasy
16.open resistance to an opposing force or authority
17.to make or become smaller or less; reduce or decrease
18.something that has been prepared by putting several things together; a mixture of ingredients
20.quick and skillful
21.giving attention to something; paying careful attention to the comfort or concerns of others
22.to wave or exhibit something in a dramatic or threatening way
23.to have a false display of confidence, especially in order to deceive someone
24.noisy activity or confusion
1.the scattered remains of something broken, destroyed, or discarded
2.to cause to disappear; drive away
3.a structure to block the passage of an enemy or opponent
4.an opponent or enemy
6.the boundary of an area, an object, or a geometric figure, especially a circle
8.the place to which a person or thing is going or sent
10.to do or say something the opposite of something else
12.to force to leave a country or place; exile
13.sly, crafty, or clever
14.the ability of learn or understand something quickly
15.a feeling that something is bad, worthless, or low
19.a sharp twist or bend in something

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