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Chronic Diseases and Healthier Options

St. Joseph Parish Independence Committee

This puzzle is designed to identify some chronic diseases and risk factors affecting residents of St. Joseph, Barbados as well as to highlight some of the available options that can make for a healthier and more productive life .

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3.This disease attacks the cells of the body and causes death in many cases
6.During the dry season - - - - in the atmosphere creates respiratory and allergy problems for many persons
7.Rabbits love them but they are good for our eyesight too
8.A - - - - - - - - - - - - is important for overall good health (2 Words)
9.This results when persons are above their average body weight
11.Using lots of salty foods can lead to this disease
13.A big round fruit growing in abundance on trees in St. Joseph
1.I am long and green and a good source of vitamins
2.You need this organ to pump blood all over the body
4.Smoke and other particles in the atmosphere may increase attacks of this ailment
5.When we burn garbage in our backyard the - - - - - from the fire makes breathing difficult for our neighbours
6.Amputations of the legs can be a result of this disease
7.These grow on a vine on the paling in our back yard and can be used to lower high blood pressure
10.I may be sweet to taste but too much of me can be bad for you
12.We only miss the - - - - - when we are really thirsty but its good for all times

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