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  10               11 12      
  13             14            

5.the term formerly used for Clothing and Textiles
6.cooking food in water below simmering point
7.produce designs for fabrics, pattern prints and weave
8.cooking food by heat readiated from a heated grill
9.continuous series of loop stitches that form chains
10.cooking food by steam from from boiling liquic
12.form of protein that comes from a hen
13.applying heat to food to bring about a chemilcal and physical change
14.simple, sketchy drawing of a live model
15.testing whether cakes are done
1.samples food or beverage for its quality
2.person who advises on matters of Food and Nutrition and its impact on health
3.career in the food industry
4.they study physcal, mental and social effects of aging in the elderly
9.cuttin, chopping large cuts of meat or bones
11.job that a person has over a span of time
13.sweet, savory baked food made from a dough or thick batter

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