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Happy 300th, Father Serra!

Stefanie Vance

Life of Father Junipero Serra

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5.The month that he first crossed into Alta California in 1769
6.All missionaries must have this quality towards all
8.He began to study for the priesthood at this age
9.His father's occupation
11.His first Mass was said here on its shore
12.His religious order was founded by this saint
14.This must occur for sainthood to be announced for him
15.Number of missions he personally founded
17.He founded his first mission there
18.The number of doctorate degrees Father Serra earned
19.How he traveled by land
1.He died there and is buried beneath its altar
2.Country of his birth
3.Not yet a saint, he is now called a _____
4.His real first name
6.He was given special permission from Rome to give this sacrament to the Indians
7.A fruit that he brought to Alta California
10.Pope who visited Father Serra's tomb in 1987
13.They received baptism at the missions
14.At age 36, he went to this country to be a missionary there
16.His motto was, "Always _____, never go back."
17.An animal that he introduced to Alta California

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