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Mr V

Writing formal letters and invitations requires the use of some different types of language, along with use of correct grammar and punctuation.

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1.You use this in order to gain respect from people you would like to talk to.
4.This is always used to finish off a formal letter.
5.An other way to deliver your invittion other than by hand or post.
7.You need to let your person know this detail so they arrive when you want them to.
9.You must always check you are using this correctly.
11.The place you want your person to come to.
12.You must always write yours first then the person you are writng too underneath.
2.You must set this out in your formal letter to let people know exactly what you would like to do and how you would like to do it.
3.You must always use a persons correct ___________.
6.You leave space between your formal thankyou and your typed name for this.
8.You must give these so your person understand what you are wanting to do.
10.You always begin by putting the correct _________. Rhymes with mate.

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