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John Marsh

Club Los Meganos

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8                             9       10
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3.John Marsh's gold mine north of Sacramento
8.John Marsh's gold was buried and never found at Los Meganos
9.Native American tribe living on Los Meganos
12.San Joaquin Port John Marsh established, now Antioch
13.The Rancho Los Meganos was location finishing the CA trail
15.John Marsh's home town
16.Miwok word for "sun"
17.Name of the Marsh Ranch, "sand dunes" in spanish
18.John Marsh's son
21.First dwelling built by John Marsh at Los Meganos
1.Trail from Marsh Ranch to Brentwood
2.Miwok word for "water"
4.Miwok word for "stone" or "rock"
5.Creator of Rancho Los Meganos
6.Sacred mountain of the Miwoks
7.Miwok word for "sacred ritual"
9.John Marsh's first wife
10.Miwok word for "moon"
11.Event that made Los Meganos wealthy
14.John Marsh's daughter
19.John Marsh's alma mater
20.John Marsh's second wife

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