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Here's to starting Fresh :)

Melissa Veeeeeeeeeee :D

You, yourself & ROW-BURRRR-TOE

1 2
    3 4      
7 8              

4.If I won the lottery, you thought I would get a range rover that was ______ on the outside and ______ inside. LOL XD
5.We did this together on a date. You really enjoyed it and you said if you had to pick between going to Vegas and doing this, you would do this :)
8.Month we met
9.Place we went and got some bomb milkshakes :D
13.We busted a mission here.
1.You have become a better writer thanks to Amazing Professor ________. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I know this is a lie but hey the kissing up got you a B in the class sheeeeet.
2.Something that I always want from you even though you prefer kisses :)
3.We've eaten here together once. You always seem to want to come here though
4.You insisted on sitting next to me in this restaurant. You ordered us ______ for lunch.
6.You made fun of me for being excited about this famous female singer's face coming soon on Pepsi cans. This happened in the car with your friend Tony, your bro & his girl.
7.I cooked this for you.
10.There's only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you. _ _____ ___. <3
11.Your phone screensaver picture. We took that picture at _______.
12.After a long day at the building in Compton, you took us to eat some bomb ________ in the hood!!!

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