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Words that Rhymes with Hat

P. Varnadore

The Cat In The Hat

2 3          
4 5     6      
8             9    
10           11  
  12       13    

3.lacking fat solids
4.to go away quickly
6.a small biting fly
8.used by construction workers to protect their head
9.any of the numerous rodents
10.a general plan of organization
12.one that performs gymnastic feats
14.a brief petty quarrel or angry outburst
1.a place to take items to be washed
2.a light tapping often rhythmical sound
5.to talk in an informal or familiar manner
7.a place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives
10.lying at full length or spread out upon the ground
11.an ill-mannered annoying child
13.a wooden implement used for hitting the ball in various games
14.what Sally and her brother were doing at the beginning of the story

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