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The Trinity

A. McCormick

Discover more about the Mystery of the Trinity.

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2.Each Person of the Most Holy Trinity is ________, united as one because they have one in the same unique divine nature or substance.
7.The third Person of the Most Holy Trinity.
9.The second Person of the Most Holy Trinity.
10.The number of Divine Persons in the Most Holy Trinity.
12.The three divine Persons are perfectly ______ to one another
13.The Holy Spirit is not the ______ Person as the Son
1.For God ____________ is impossible for he is all-mighty and all-powerful.
3.The sacrament through which we are called to share in the life of the Blessed Trinity
4.The first Person of the Most Holy Trinity.
5.We do not understand nor can we understand how the three Divine Persons, although really distinct, are only one God. This is a ______________ .
6.God the Father is the ________ of the universe and cares lovingly for His creatures.
8.Unity of God means that there is only ____ God.
11.God is not created or _______ . God is eternal, meaning God exists outside of time. God always was and always will be.

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