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1.a musical instrument like a guitar with a body shaped like a triangle and two, three, or four strings, popular especially in Russia
4.It is shaped like a large wooden tube that you blow into, and produces notes with a low sound.
7.A musical instrument made of a curved metal tube that you blow into, with three buttons for changing the note
9.a metal musical instrument that you blow into, used especially in jazz
2.a musical instrument that you hold in both hands to produce sounds. You press the two ends together and pull them apart and press buttons and/or keys to produce the different notes.
3.a musical instrument that consists of two small round pieces of wood that you hold in the hand and hit together with the fingers to make a noise. Castanets are used especially by Spanish dancers.
5.a musical instrument played especially in Scotland. The player blows air into a bag held under the arm and then slowly forces the air out through pipes to produce a noise.
6.a large musical instrument with strings stretched on a vertical frame, played with the fingers
8.a musical instrument with strings, shaped like a large violin. The player sits down and holds the cello between his or her knees.
10.It is shaped like a pipe that you blow into.

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