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Laptop Troubleshooting

Frank McCormick

Clues for students to know when fixing their laptops.

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1.the icon that tell you if you're connected to the internet
4.software which can damage your computer or steal your information
6.short for "wireless fidelity" signal, this is what you connect to in order to get online
9.Check to make sure this is turned on if you're not connecting to the internet
15.This is what connects your computer to the internet
16.what you do if you're missing programs on your computer
1.The button you click on if you think your laptop has a virus
2.What you click on if your webpage is not loading
3.The three buttons you press at the same time which can unfreeze your computer
5.the name of the wifi signal you connect to at school
7.part of your laptop that moves your cursor on the screen
8.If no sound is coming from your computer, make sure this is not checked
10.What you use to connect online if your wireless signal is not working
11.software that can block websites
12.Anti-virus software installed on laptop which can find and remove viruses
13.This is the icon you click on to adjust the sound on your computer
14.little pictures that help you find things on your laptop

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