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1 2
3         4        
6             7            
8                 9   10  
    11         12      
  15 16                      
18   19           20      
      21                     22    
24                           25
          26 27              
30                   31          
    33                       34        
  36               37         38         39
    41                     42          

3.Katie's favorite alcoholic beverage
4.Actor Pegg
6.John Bloom alias Briggs
7.Teru-teru bozu is a Japanese doll supposed to bring good _____
8.Colors of Wittenberg basement; "Leather Chaps" and __________
11.Katie's focus before Target
13.Berry and Fulcher British comedy series
16.Cake, official state desert of Maryland
20.soy protein curd
21.The Green Hornet is the grand-nephew of this masked crime-fighter
24.fruit hight in fiber, potassium and monounsaturated fats, toxic to pets
27.Hap and Leonard author
28.Darst pseudonym
29.Nesler's "bun"
30.Recorded "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)"
31.Josh's favorite color
33.1985 Australian rom-com starring Eric Roberts
36.Dish Josh is still trying to perfect his preparation of
37.Gerson nickname
40.Batman's dog
41.lowest atomic number element without any stable isotopes
42.Ale extracted from rhizome
44.James Coburn spy spoof, "The President's ____"
45.Man of the people
46.Cubist painter of harlequins
1.Recorded warmest year-round climate in Minnesota
2.Grandpa Wittenberg favorite line "You have to be ____ than what you're working with."
5.Bluesman, recorded "Smokestack Lightning", "Killing Floor"
9."Car Talk", "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me", "A Prairie Home Companion"
10.Controversial mining process
12.traditional Norwegian desert of lingonberry preserves and egg whites
14.TV series, episodes titled "The Night of the..."
15.Katie's degree
17.Polish for ass, buttocks
18.Brother country duo, Ira and Charlie
19.Minnesota official state grain
20.Mexican sandwich
22.Josh's favorite movie, "The ________ and Mr. Chicken"
23.first man in Goodhue County to volunteer for service in Civil War and led 1st Minnesota Volunteer Army at Gettysberg; from Red Wing
25.Pigment of copper exposed to ascetic acid
26.19th Century satirist Bangs; wrote "A House-Boat on the Styx"
30.Scottish folk singer of Barabajagal
32."The Birthplace of Waterskiing"
34.Purple flowering plant known as "The Queen on Poisons," and wolf's bane, etc.
35.McDonald's, Starbucks, Chipotle all share this "secret"
38.Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Davies
39."Dial H For ______"
43.latest infestation in Wittenberg domicile

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