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A Puzzling Time with Plato

Guy Gibson

Various clues around the subject of Plato's dialogues

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2.'Rosigag' is an anagram for a Sophist, who had a dialogue with Plato named after him
6.Socrates at 'Republic' 347b says a ruler should not care about cash and what?
8.A ruler, insofar as he is a ruler, cannot make a mistake. Who said that?
11.Latin word for 'as', or 'insofar as'?
12.In which of Plato's dialogues does he critically examine his own doctrine of the 'Forms'
14.Which dialogue is about a man trying to get Socrates to escape
15.Which god had a sore head when Athena was born?
1.The dialogue called 'Sophist' features a 'Visitor' from Elea, a part of Italy that was then part of Greece. What was the Latin name for that part of Greece
3.The knowledge which controls just acts and is also a virtue
4.When the laws are treated as real things, Socrates is said to do what?
5.A word for 'saying sorry' which was a 'real trial' for Socrates
7.Who was the famous historian who both praised and criticised Pericles?
9.What is not disturbed when an act, private or public, is a just act?
10.Name the site near the ancient town of Elea, where three beautifully-preserved Greek temples are still found
13.From where did Pericles steal the large treasury, an action that eventually led to the Peloponnesian Wars

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