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Julia Cahill

Hi Kyle. This is a crossword puzzle for you to solve, because I'm sure you like these things...or at least appreciate the challenge. It's about random things that make me think of you, things about me, things about us...yeah. I just miss you a lot, so I'm hoping this will make us both feel better.

1 2
3         4  
5 6   7      
8           9 10      
      11 12              
13 14 15                  
            16       17
18                     19
  20                   21      
  23             24         25
26   27              
29           30  
32 33 34 35                  
36                   37
38           39       40
41     42                          
  46                   47       48      
50     51 52                  

3.the very first thing you texted me.
7.I really like your
8.the other thing you call me
12.what you matter less than
15.The theme for prom this year
16.I'm xxxxx
18.the OTHER thing you're addicted to
20.March 25, 2013 what we lost
21.you really like my
23.What I'm scared of
24.one of the things I'm addicted to, even if you don't approve
26.how I feel without you
28.the type of food you don't like. I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND!!
29.my favorite type of rose
31.yum no space
34.I couldn't eat it. gah.
36.something I'm passionate about
39.something I'm passionate about, take 2
42.what you matter more than
43.what I'm hoping will go quickly, at least, while I can't see you.
44.york xxxxxxxxxxx patties
45.and you are
47.What you are *hint* It's not manly as hell
50.being apart from you
52.long xxxxxxxx relationship, also something we can triumph
53.where you're going soon
55.where we've done it all
56.how many months we've been together
57.what sucks more than anything at radford
2.something you have helped me no longer be afraid of
4.what you make me
5.what I see in you
6.what you helped me move past
9.how much longer I expect
10.you are also
11.one thing you call me
13.prom night was
14.what you're addicted to
17.who's lap is a time honored tradition that Brandon will never give up
19.stuck like
23.what we're going to start
25.What our bowling name was for states, no space
27.where we went for my birthday
30.what you wrote me a paragraph about no space
32.school, at Radford
33.you're xxxx
35.My middle name
37.what you brought me on November 6th
38.I choose you
40.our sport
44.you are
48.the whale from startrek Admiral
49.you got me addicted to this
51.what we share
52.what's seen it all
54.what I'd rather do than lose you

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