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Facts Surround Tschaplizki's



1 2 3 4
5           6  
    7   8         9 10     11      
      12     13              
14                 15
  16           17       18            
19                     20   21    
    22   23   24              
25                     26              
27 28                         29        
          31           32
  33         34    
35 36                
38                 39   40  
42         43 44   45      
    46         47    
        48           49        
        51   52    
54   55         56      

5.Where Joey Lives
7.Debby's son
10.Youngest boy of Dorothy
12.Michael's High School
13.Dorothy's Brother
14.Harry's 1st Date Place
16.Harry uses Daily
18.4 Time MVP
19.A Dorothy Nephew
24.Where Drazenovich live
25.Town where mom lives
26.49er receiver
28.Football Team
29.Mom T
30.Harry's favorite Actor
31.Debby's 1st Job
33.Where Becky used to work
35.How Dorothy gets to work
37.Oldest boy of Harry
38.Happiest Place on Earth
41.Oldest sister
45.Giants Closer
48.God Daughter
49.Baby sister
50.A Dorothy Niece
51.2 Time Cy Young
54.Basketball Team
57.Dorothy's Boss
1.Easter Meat
2.Family all bowled
3.Debby's Dog
4.Papa T
6.Andrew's Middle School
8.Favorite Time of Year
9.Hockey Team
11.Harry's favorite Singer
13.David's job
15.Michael's Car
17.Dorothy's job
18.Andrew and Triston's favorite Food
20.Gold Panning
21.Andrew T going to
22.Cain Pitched
23.City where Linda lives
27.Where God Daughters Live
32.Thanksgiving Meat
34.Where Mom Born
36.David's son
39.Town where Harry and Dorothy Live
40.Electronic Game
41.HR King
42.Bandaras Played Him
44.Baseball Team
46.Andrew'Baseball Team
47.Harry's Dog
52.Posey won
55.Gambling Town
56.Triston's Elementry School

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