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Study The Bible The Fun Way

Saied Theophelous Beckford

Some Old Testament Leaders

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8 9 10            

4.He prayed to God even when he was told not to Daniel 6
5.He was known as a dreamer Genesis 37
6.He led the Israelites out of Egypt Exodus 3
10.He was known for his wisdom 1 King 4: 29-34
11.His best friend was the son of his greatest enemy 1 Samuel 18
12.This prophet succeeded Elijah 2 King 2
14.Moses' brother and prophet Exodus 7:1
1.God called him while he dwelt at the temple with Eli 1 Samuel 3
2.A prophet told him ten tribes of Israel would be taken from Solomon 1 King 11: 28-31
3.He led the Israelites in the capture of Jericho Joshua 6
7.He never died but he was taken to heaven 2 King 2
8.He coveted Naboths vineyard 1 King 21
9.An angel appeared to him at a wine-press Judges 6
10.He was known for his great strength Judges 16
13.The first king of Israel Samuel 1:9

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