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Vocabulary Review SS 2013 LE

Mr. Dashnaw

Summer school Living Environment vocabulary review.

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1.Process in which an organism can make more of its same species.
4.Cell structure which contain the DNA and controls many of the cell's activities.
5.The collection of all chemical activities that occur in a cell.
7.Site in a cell where cellular respiration takes place.
8.Process occuring in the chloroplasts of certain cells producing oxygen and glucose for the cell.
10.A LIVING thing is is referred to as this.
11.The element that when combined with Hydrogen, and some other elements such as oxygen, produce organic compounds.
13.Movement of substances from an area of low concentration to high concentration. Energy is required.
14.Structure found in some types of cells that is the site for photosynthesis.
15.An element that makes up bones and teeth. *HINT: Its chemical symbol is Ca.
16.Sites of protein synthesis in a cell.
2.Made of a phospholipid bilayer, this cell structure controls the substances that enter and exit a cell.
3.Process in which ATP is made for the cell.
6.Movement of a substance form an area of high concentration to low concentration.
9.Also referred to as "dynamic equilibrium." Internal balance in an organism.
12.A NONLIVING thing is referred to as this.

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