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hunger games crossword

1 2   3
4   5  
    6 7     8        
9                     10      
12         13  
18   19       20      

2.Katniss and Peeta are from this district
7.katniss's mentor
9.katniss's fiance (2 Words)
11.he visited katniss and her mother at their house (2 Words)
12.Number of tributes in the begging of the hunger games
13.how many districts are there
14.katniss writes this name on a dummy during practice (2 Words)
16.katniss is very skilled with this weapon (3 Words)
17.hunger games that happens every 25 years (2 Words)
18.on katniss's pin
21.smell of president snow's breath
22.katniss's sister
1.Katniss's stylist at the capitol
2.katniss and peeta's training score
3.What is the name of the other tribute from district 12
4.What is the name of the tribute from district 11 that Katniss befriends
5.Haymitch loves drinking this (2 Words)
6.nations most richest and powerful people live here
8.who died by the fog in the games
10.The main character (2 Words)
15.district 12 was _______
19.what does gale call katniss
20.katniss's best friend and hunting partner

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