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Religious Studies

Miss Greenwood

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2.Where the body is burnt after death.
6.A male Buddhist monk is called this.
8.A person who doesn't believe that God exists.
9.A special time in your life like marriage.
11.A special ceremony for a Jewish girl when he reaches 13.
12.A happy and contented state of mind.
13.A person who isn't sure if God exists or not.
15.The first week of mourning for Jewish people.
1.You have this if you nearly die then come back again.
3.When the dead will come back to life.
4.Some Christians believe this is a place between heaven and hell.
5.A special ceremony for a Jewish boy when he reaches 13.
7.Some Christians believe that this is where you go after you die.
10.A Jewish prayer to remember the dead.
14.The Buddhist cycle of life,death and rebirth.
16.Some Christians believe that this is a place of suffering.

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