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Emergency Evacutation

S. McDonald

Puzzle is about evacuation, fires, floods, hurricanes; about consequences of disasters and what you need to do to be prepared.

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1.piece of equipment needed to put out a fire
6.what you might need to do in case of fire, hurricane or other disaster
8.caused severe damage to New Orleans
10.container that holds candles, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, candles,
13.picked up Dorothy's house and dropped it in Oz
14.Emergency Broadcast System
16.what you need for flashlights and radios
17.something you listen to for entertainment or weather reports
20.Incident Command System
22.you need to file this if you plan to evacuate
24.keep these on hand in case the power goes out
25.way you drive to leave in case of a hurricane
2.covers emergencies for COB employees
3.this causes millions of dollars in damages and floods
4.what happens when everyone tries to buy fuel at the same time so they can leave
5.what you wear to keep your feet dry in high water
7.something you should practice in everything you do
9.provides power when the electricity goes out during a storm
11.what you use to evacuate your pets
12.caused by fires, causes damage to lungs
15.containers of sand to keep water out
18.best kind of adhesive tape, comes in different colors
19.what you board your windows up with
21.disturbance in the weather, produces rain, lightning and thunder
23.Community Emergency Response Team

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