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Lord Of The Rings

Laurie Trotta & Ian Valenti

Test Your Lord Of The Rings Knowledge On This Crossword

1 2 3                 4  
5       6 7 8
      9             10          
    11 12                  
      13 14 15          
17                     18                  
21                     22
  23 24        
  25         26   27            
28 29 30                                
31                         32          
  34                     35 36       37
      38     39        
41 42              
      43   44          
    46         47        
    49 50  
51               52
53   54       55      

2.Crossword Author #1
9.Distributor For Lord Of The Rings
12.Main Dwarf In The Series
16.Tall And Long Ears, Skilled In All Tactics
17.__________ Of The Ring
18.A Magic Crystal That Shows Light
19." ____ Is Now On The Menu!"
20.Actress Who Plays Striders Love
21.A Container That Holds A Magic Crystal That Shows Light
26.Brown Wizard
30.Film That Has The HIghest Body Count Ever
31.Main Elf In The Story
32.The Beast That Killed Gandalf
33.An Elven King
34.Aaragorns Child
35.Tried To Eat Frodo
38.Dwarf Played By John Rhys'Davies
40.What Color Is The Fastest Horse In The World
42.To J.R.R Tolken, Who Was The True Hero
44.Number Of Years The Hobbit Takes Place Before Lord Of The Rings
45.A Wise Female Elf
46.Where The Hobbits Live
47.Powerful Stick Carried By Wizards
48.Gollums Ring
51.He Survived An Orc Attack Then Sadly Fell
53.How Many Blue Wizards Are There
55.Pippin's Last Name
56.A Very Important Elf
57.Where The Eye Of Sauron Is Located
58.Short Bearded Warriors, Usually Ugly
1.Gandalf's Messenger
3.Love Of Strider
4.The Book That Bilbo Is Writing
5.Crossword Author #2
6.Home Of The Cousin
7.How Many Years Pass Between When Frodo Gets The Ring And When He Starts His Adventure
8.A Black Rider
10.Tolkens Writer Friend
11.The Second Lord Of The Rings Title
13.Mary's Cousin
14.What Saves Frodo And Sam, And At One Time Gandalf
15.Who Wrote Lord Of The Rings
22.A Gift To Frodo, A _______ Shirt
23."One ____ To Rule Them All"
24.The Lead Of The Black Riders
25.The Abyss Of Which Gandalf Fell
27.Smeegul's Brother
28.The Arrow Was _____
29.Alternate Name For Smeegul
36.A Hobbits Feet Are _____
37.Cousin Of The Dwarf
39.They Throw The Ring In ____
41.Bilbo & Frodo's Home
42.The Fastest Horse In Middle-Earth
43.Language The Orcs Speak In
44.The Dragon In The Hobbit
49.Smaug Gets Killed By An ______
50.One Of The 13 Dwarves
52.A Sword Given To Frodo
54.J.R.R Tolkens University

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