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Literary Elements

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3.long narrative poem involving a hero
10.a telling of one's own story
12.literary reference to a familiar thing
13."My dad bought me a new set of wheels" "Coke" "Chapstick" "Kleenex"
15.the heart of the story, every story needs one
20."buzz" "bam" "pow"
22."jumbo shrimp" "agree to disagree" 'a lil pregnant" "awfully pretty"
24.hint or clue to a later event in a story
25.the lesson in the story
26.moment of clarity or understanding
27.sequence of events that happen in a story
28.a story's outcome
1."My mother is the heart of our family"
2."You're as fat as a cow"
4.story using excessive exaggeration to mock something
5."horse walks into a bar, bartender says Why the long face?" "A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was ticketed for littering."
6."all tall people are good at basketball" "all cops eat donuts"
7.conversation between characters
8."There were a million people at the mall today"
9.an event from the past told in the present, out of order
11."a dog washing his clothes" "a talking candlestick" "a talking horse"
14.the author's attitude
16.main character in a story
17.false praise to mock someone or something
18.character that contrasts the main character in some way
19.the opposite of what one expects in a story
21.person, place, or thing that represents something else
23.person telling the story
24.story involving animals that teaches a lesson
25.how a story makes you feel

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