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Principles of Asepsis and Sterile Techniques

Rachel, Chrystal, Karen,

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1.contamination of a person or object by another
6.gown and gloves
8.the presence of pathogenic materials
12.to reduce to an irreducible minimum the presence of pathogenic material
14.principles applied through use of sterile technique to prevent microbial contamination on the surgical environment
15.mechanically clean and chemically disinfected but not sterile
16.infection of the surgical wound that was acquired during the surgical procedure
17.kill most microbes, but not spores
18.absence of pathogenic microorganism
2.contamination of a sterile field that occurs through the passage of fluid through, or puncture in, a mircobial barrier
3.solution used to perform surgical scrub as well as prep patients surgical site
4.harbor microorganisms than can potentially cause infection of the surgical site
5.area of sterility maintained during a procedure
7.most commonly transmitted pathogen on the OR
9.process where most but not all microorganism on animate objects/skin are destroyed
10.rendered free of all living microorganisms, including spores
11.destruction of all mircoorganism, including spores on inanimate objects
13.patients own endogenous flora

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