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Gripping stuff

1 2
4 5                      
  7 8    
9 10                                
12                         13  
14       15              

3.We use a steady to prevent this on the surface finish when we are turning long lengths of material.
5.Align these when we place a new chuck onto the lathe spindle
10.What would we use to set work very accurately true in a four jaw chuck?
11.We can only grip what type of material on a magnetic chuck?
12.The main advantage from turning between centres is to guarantee this.
15.We must do this to the lathe before attempting to change the chuck
16.These must be worn when operating any engineering machinery
17.These prevent the chuck jaws from marking the work piece
18.The jaws on a three jaw chuck are this when we wind them in.
19.We would use this to support a long heavy workpiece to allow us to centre-drill the end of it
1.These are are what clamp the workpiece in the chuck
2.We would use this for turning irregular shaped components or eccentric diameters
4.A lack of what is the main disadvantage to turning between centres ?
6.Put this on the lathe to prevent damage to the lathe bed
7.Use this to protect your skin from dermatitis
8.When we have centre-drilled the end of the workpiece we would put this in to support the work while we carry out Turning operations.
9.Slacken these to remove a chuck from the spindle
13.This type of steady follows along as the tool machines along the material.
14.These must be in place when carrying out machining operations

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