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Know your far away galaxy--Star Wars trivia


2 3  
6                   7      
8                     9   10
      11           12
13                 14      
15   16     17            
18   19           20                    
  21   22     23     24
25                                     26
  27                         28
30                 31   32                
      34   35 36   37     38    

4.It was fully operational
6.Luke's planet upon which he was raised
7.Large, mechanical snow-walker
8.Star Wars' legendary music director/maker
11.Killer of Maul
13.Sith lord, e.g.
14.4th gospel--think Star Wars
16.Jango's killer
18."What a piece of junk!" ship
22.Clone planet of origin
25.Sith Lord's alter ego
27.Anakin, according to the "prophecy"
30.Obi-wan's elder
32.Han, according to Leia
35.Yoda's planet
39.Fake rebel base planet, according to Leia
40.Obi-wan, to Luke
41.Capturers of r2 and 3po
42.Never tell him the odds
1.Jabba's guillotine, so to speak
2.Green bounty hunter, deceased
3.Jedi with an interestingly colored saber
5.Anakin's owner, pre-Jedi
9.Clones, under Vader and co.
10.Chosen one's job, pertaining to the force
12.Uncle of Luke...
14.Killer of Vader, perhaps?
15.Father/son bounty crew, surname
17.Wookie cut in half, perhaps?
19.Bespin Uppity?
20.What a bear may do, with "darth"
21.Yoda's age, upon his death
23.Anakin and Padme's marriage, pertaining to law
24.Walking carpet?
26.He has a "mathematical" title
28.Killer of obi-wan
29.Planet upon which the clones were first shown off
31.Amidala's planet of origin
33.Jar-jar's military title, post-promotion
36.Killer of Yoda?
37."That's no moon...it's a space station" sayer
38.Snowy rebel planet

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