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English Clues German Answers

Hannah Green

The puzzle gives the clues in english and the answers are the german of what the english would be.

1 2 3
5               6      
9               10      
12                 13
  14 15              

4.where you sleep
5.something worn by people which can sometimes have a high value of money
6.month in the year j___
7.when you seem over-weight
8.to move a certain way to music
9.sixth day of the week
10.somewhere to play, open fields and play areas
12.when someone says you have too much 'f___ t___'
14.animal that hops and is associated with easter
16.when you feel unwell
17.male sibling
1.somewhere money is saved/kept
2.favourite subject
3.celebrated every year to show getting older
4.galaxy is a brand of this
11.to consume a liquid
13.when you feel you need food
15.four plus four

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