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Literary and Poetic Devices

David Ng

Have fun trying to solve this Crossword Puzzle.

1 2
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3.A ______ is a sudden switch in the plot from the past to the present
6.Which poetic device is in the following: "...Hard and serious like a young bear..."
8.The lady and the tiger _______ each other. (the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect)
10.The continued use of "This is" within the poem "You Begin" is an example of ________
13.What point of view is "The Lady, or the Tiger" written in?
14.The quote "Your hand is a warm stone..." is an example of what poetic device?
16.______ irony is a state of affairs that is opposite of what is expected. For example, the parents in "Warren Pryor" believe their child to be happy, while in reality, he is not.
20.Is this direct of indirect characterization? "This semi-barbaric king had a daughter as blooming as his most florid fancies..."
22.The first part of a short story which introduces the setting and characters
23.An ending to a story that leaves the audience in suspense similar to the one found in "The Lady, or the Tiger" is defined as a _______
25.The quote "In the very olden time..." describes what part of a story
26.Another word for resolution
1.The _____ of "You Begin" is playful, sincere, and affectionate. (The writer's attitude towards the story)
2.The quote "every pencil meant" contains which poetic device? (repetition of vowel sound)
4.______ is the highest point of intensity in a story. This is the point when the resolution becomes clear.
5."Town, Down", "Scroll, Hole", "Shirt, Dirt", and "Cage, Rage" all _____
6.Which type of conflict is present in "The Lady, or the Tiger"? Man vs. _____
7.The quote "gnashed her teeth, and torn her hair..." is an example of what literary device which is visually descriptive
9.A four lined Stanza
11.The giving of human attributes to an animal, object, or idea
12.A dilemma is a situation which a difficult choice has to be made between ______ choices with unfavourable outcomes (0, 1, or 2)
15.Who is the protagonist of "The Lady, or the Tiger" (Remember that the protagonist is the central character who struggles to attain a certain goal or to resolve a conflict.)
17.The combination of two terms that in ordinary usage are opposites
18.Which word is required to turn the following sentence into a simile? "The word hand floats above your hand _____ a small cloud over a lake."
19.Is there a rhyme scheme in "You Begin"?
21.The underlying message of: sacrifice in order to satisfy parents in "Warren Pryor", is an example of which poetic device?
24.The story "The Lady, or the Tiger" has a suspenseful and frightening ______ (Another word for atmosphere)
27.Is the conflict or problem resolved in "The Lady, or the Tiger"?

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