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E-learning Terms

Mike Galeone

A compilation of terms related to E-learning

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1.Bits of code that add additional functionality to a website or service
3.Transferring learning content to many learners simultaneously, as in a satellite broadcast or an IP multicast
6.When learners participate in an online learning course at different times
8.Interaction between the learner and the instructor or system
9.An editable tool for working with others that has a trackable history of changes
11.Real-time learning situation that can include immediate, two-way communication between participants
13.A scheduled offering that is available at multiple locations (either desktop or classroom) via a network
15.A specific view into a Web site
16.Any instructional software that is delivered on a computer
17.used to communicate between people on the web and can be used to support teaching and learning. Media tools to facilitate online community opportunities including learner collaboration
19.A plug-in piece of software that adds functionality to the browser
20.A seminar or workshop in which the facilitator and participants view the same screen at the same time
2.Involves the identification of the knowledge, information, and skill gaps of a particular group of people and creating or selecting learning experiences that close this gap
4.A way of posting educational material online, normally organised by date and topic category. An online journal
5.Refers to the presentation of information and instruction through a combination of graphics, audio, text, or video
7.An individual who has substantial knowledge about and skills in a specific subject (acronym)
10.A method used to push and pull content across the Internet
12.The structural code that makes websites
14.Information about content that allows it to be stored in and retrieved from a database
18.Refers to any type of course that runs on a computer, either on a CD, on a person’s hard drive or on the Internet. Does not involve an instructor or facilitator who is physically present (acronym)

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